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UNITY | A Kids Nightmare


A Kids Nightmare (Created as Project Catfish) was a project I worked on between February - June 2018.


It's a 2D Sidescroller Jump'n Run about a Kid trying to escape nightmareish scenarios.

The game is in Pixel Art, therefore the Logo asthetics.


The Game got never completed due to new projects I've taken on.

A Kids Nightmare got into an late Alpha-Phase and though it was still rough around the edges, it was a rather solid gameplay experience.


Containing only 5 Levels and 1 Bossfight, there wasn't much to play, but I could've easily added more since the basic structure of the game was nearly finished and all I needed were new Textures and Mobs.


A playable Version of the last Alpha-Version I created will be available soon.

UNITY | Project Butterfish


Project Butterfish was a project i worked on the last months of 2018.


More info coming soon

UNITY | Azzteroidz


Azzteroidz (Created as Project Blowfish) is my first ever 'completed' game.

It's a simple Topdown perspective game in which you have to survive Waves of incoming enemys.


There are two Gamemodes:

Endless Mode - Survive for as long as possible.

100 Mode         - Survive for 100 Seconds without dying.


I worked roughly two Months on Azzteroidz.

There are still a lot of things i might want to Add in at a later time like Highscore, More Modes, Maybe even Multiplayer, but since this was the first game I made and because i went in with zero knowledge about any programming language I'm suprised how it turned out.


Here you can dowload the latest version of the game:



NOTE: Please keep in mind that this game isn't Optimized so there may be some problems depending on your resolution, etc.




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