UNITY | Game Development

I've started to work with Unity in 2017.

I went into programming without any knowledge of c# , c++ , java or whatsoever. I've started out with a couple of games that I didn't finish just to learn c#.

After several months I started with the first small game, which i attended to finish called Project Blowfish.

I used Project Blowfish to further improve my C# skills and to improve my workflow with Unity.

After finishing my Project Blowfish(Now called 'Azzteroidz') I started to aim for bigger things.

I'm currently working on A Kids Nightmare. A 2D Jump and run style game in Pixel Art. It will be my first game with enough content for long playtime and variety for a better playing experience.

For more detailed inormation go to my Game Design Tab.

BLENDER | Modelling, Animations

At first it was hard for me to get into modelling and designing but after roughly a year I've started to get the hang of it.

My main focus is modelling real life things like Cars, Landscapes or Food. But I occasionally try to learn new things and to expand my knowledge and skills to get better at what i love.

I have yet to learn other modellingsoftware, but as of right now Blender is the go to software for me.

For examples of my work click the Art Rendering Tab above.


I started creating Maps back in 2009 for Counter-Strike: Source.

Those were mostly Gameplay oriented Maps and didn't have much to offer if you were into graphical beauty.

In 2013 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released and with it I started to create Maps again. This time they were still heavily Gameplay oriented to make them capable for competitive Play, but after enough testing and making sure they were balanced enough I started building the enviroment and creating beautiful Landscapes.

For examples of my work click the Map Design Tab above.


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